Garbage to Garden, Grow a Community

Residential Composting

Compost Asheville is a residential organic waste company tailored to the local sustainability movement. We help individuals lower their environmental footprint by creating a simple residential composting service. Compost Asheville is an easy and convenient way of composting household meals and food waste. Food waste accounts for one third of all residential trash and the leftover food clogs up our waste system. Composting reduces the amount of trash heading to the landfill and provides a natural way for nutrients to return to our soil.

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Composting is one of the greenest things you can do. The communities supporting the local food movement need a way to close the loop by returning the food waste back to nature instead of a landfill. Compost Asheville fills the niche by providing weekly pickup of household organic waste. Our company will collect the waste from your front door using the convenient outdoor bin and then return the bin to your door. Responsible drivers clean any messes from the pickup. We are quiet and arrive during business hours, no 6 am noisy trucks. Convenience is our goal. If we can make the process better for you personally, email or call us.

EatLocal, ShopLocal, Compost Asheville

Compost Asheville transports the food waste to one of two locations. The first choice is our local urban farm location between Arden and Fairview.  The food waste is converted to chicken feed and compost on the farm. We unload the food scraps by hand into small composting bins spread across the acreage.The bins are tucked away in locations where chickens can scratch and volunteer plants sprout on the edges. We produce nutrient rich compost from our local area and return the nutrients to the same local area. Your food waste is turned into a rich compost to build up the gardening community. We are proud of the process and enjoy offering you the same opportunity.

In the peak seasons, we consolidate additional food waste to a central pickup for a larger composting facility located in East Asheville. We help streamline the composting process between local residents and the large processors.   Commercial Composting is available in the consolidation format. For small businesses, we provide enough bins and bags after reviewing your daily business process. Contact us directly to talk about solutions for Commercial or Small Business composting.

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Why Compost with Compost Asheville?

Most household domestic waste comes from food. Unfortunately the statement is true even when you try to clear your plate. The average American household throws away 14 percent of the food they purchase each year. A combination of leftovers going bad, table scraps from picky eaters, and meal preparation fill the trash can. By the end of the day, 30% of all garbage in a landfill is food waste. The food waste is trapped in cheap plastic trash bags and does not decompose properly. The trapped food creates the greenhouse gas Methane and restricts the vital nutrients to a barren landfill. Our compostable Biobags break down naturally. As a result, the kitchen counter bin stays clean and the food breaks down naturally in the compost process.

Reduce Waste and Compost Locally

Together we can do our small part in placing the food waste back to a natural cycle. Composting food scraps reduces the volume in landfills and places key nutrients into our local ecosystem. Composting by itself is a natural process where soil microorganisms break down the material into component parts, the same parts needed by plants to continue growing. The composted material is an organic fertilizer to the earth keeping the nutrients in a natural cycle.

We at Compost Asheville understand the frustrations many locals have when trying to compost. Some neighborhoods don’t allow compost bins in the backyard or on the curb due to local bylaws. Other individuals live in apartments, condos or townhomes. Small self contained bins are expensive and outdoor bins can be raided by your pets causing a mess. We understand and offer a simple solution. Let us take your food waste and create compost for you. We keep the nutrients local and save your household the hassle of composting. You win, we win and the environment wins. Follow this link to learn about the sign up process.

Contact Compost Asheville

Want to talk about a composting solution? We are glad to helpContact us during business hours for fastest response. Email at Call or Text our driver at 954 881 5133.  Our drivers will respond at the next safe opportunity, usually before or after a route. Our team works hard and we are proud that everyone stays safe on the road. Sometimes this means your message might take a few hours before we can call back.