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How Residential Composting Works

Want to know how the Residential Composting service works? Read through our residential composting process to see how your household can compost with Compost Asheville. Our local compost service is easy and convenient for your busy life. We can start composting together within two weeks.

If you prefer, we can talk directly about residential composting by going to Contact Us and a team member will personally walk you through the process.

How Residential Composting Works

  1. Residents sign up for the Weekly Composting service at our booth, online or by phone.
  2. Before any payment is applied, our team will check your address to make sure we service the area. The team will then clearly define the logistical steps needed to make the process work. The steps will include explaining how the two bins and compostable bags work. We will cover what you can and can’t compost with us. Also we clarify the day of the week for your pickup.
  3. Once both sides understand the requirements and plans, payment for the first month is accepted. No contracts required. Sign up for 3 months and earn a discount.
  4. Compost Asheville with schedule a drop off of the two organic waste bins and compostable bags. Resident does not need to be present for drop off.
  5. Once the bins are received, your household is now on the route. We will begin pickup the following week on your scheduled pickup day.

How do I use the Waste Bins?

Step 1: Grab your food waste bin and place near your prep area.


Step 2: Prepare your meal. Instead of sliding the waste into the trash, scoop into your food waste bin.

Step 3: Store the full bags in your curbside bin

When the kitchen bin is full, tie the bag off and carry to your curbside organics bin. You may want to take the bag out every 3 days to keep the kitchen smelling fresh and clean. The curbside bin is large and can easily hold more than a weeks worth of food scraps. We like the large bins to guarantee you have space for your scraps even if you miss a week or host a party. Store the tied off bags inside the bin until we come by to pickup. The team will leave additional bags in your bin for the following weeks.


What do I get for Signing Up?

When you sign up, your household receives:

  • Weekly food scrap pick up
  • Curbside Bin (12 gallon bin with animal lock and wheels)
  • Kitchen Counter Bin (Ventilated and made with recycled plastic)
  • Compostable bags
  • Free Compost delivered 2x a year. Earn half the weight of your food scraps in Free Compost.
  • Included in special fresh local food deals from community farms delivered by our team to your door.
  • Additional compost purchases for small deliveries at the bulk rates.

You sign up for $32 a month by following the link or calling us directly. We are excited to start composting with you!

Get Started with Compost Asheville

Review the map to see if we cover your neighborhood. Live in or near a neighborhood we currently cover? Your household can be composting with us in under two weeks! Near a border? We can confirm with a driver to add you on and move that border! If you are very far from the borders, call or email us to add your neighborhood to our expansion list. Once we have enough residents on the list for a new neighborhood, our team will call everyone to set up a new route!


Neighborhood Referral Program!

Have neighbors and friends that may be interested? We can work together to find suitable rewards for both of you.


What happens if I miss a week?

If you are going on vacation for the week, just give us a call. We can skip your pickup once a month if you provide enough notice. For unscheduled missed pickups, we will try our best to pick up the bins on another scheduled route, or you can load your bin with two weeks of food scraps. The customer is responsible to have the bins out by scheduled time. In the event that we miss pickup for any reason of our own, (blizzard, flat tire, farm animal emergency) a free week is added to the next month.

Problems with our service? Give us a call and we will do our best to fix the situation. If the service still does not work, we will schedule a pickup of the two organic waste bins and then refund any future costs. We want everyone to enjoy the service.

No Contracts, No Hassle.